About us.

Link Digital Solutions delivers innovative digital and mobile solutions, from online self-service portals through to mobile-led acquisition and engagement technologies. With a focus on delivering real-time functionality to the end-user, our clients include some of the largest listed companies across the globe, as well as many industry superannuation and pension funds.

We work hand in hand with our clients to design and develop integrated solutions across all devices, from white-label mobile apps to bespoke solutions encompassing user experience + design, and network architecture through to data analytics.

Proven and experienced

Self-service portals

More than 125 branded desktop & 15 mobile self-service portals delivered.

Shareholder portals

14 million transactions processed per annum via Link's Investor Centre.

Investor relations platform

An investor relations platform used by hundreds of listed companies worldwide.

Investor relations sites

Over 50 investor relations sites built and hosted across the ASX, NZX, SGX and OTC exchanges.

Digital cards & mobile apps

Digital cards and mobile apps for investor relations teams, shareholders and fund members.

Corporate actions

Over 60 corporate actions sites built per year for major financial transactions to date.

Our clients

REST Industry Super
Spark NZ

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