Link Digital Solutions develops data-led, mobile first platforms that support customer engagement and real-time transactions.

We deliver both end-to-end core processing technology solutions and value-added services, taking a mobile-first approach to innovation.


From digital cards to fully transactional apps, our mobile innovations make it easy for end-users to take action anytime, anywhere via their smart phone.

The accessibility of our mobile-led engagement technologies such as proximity push notifications, encourage users to interact more frequently and offer more opportunities for daily customer interaction.

Superannuation mobile app

Pacific Super splash page Pacific Super login page Pacific Super app menu

Available both as a white-label product and a bespoke solution, the mobile app opens up another channel for fund members to conveniently manage their superannuation accounts on the go.

With full, real-time transactional capability on all aspects of a member's account, our app makes superannuation more relevant to a member's daily life.

Digital cards

Pacific Super digital card Pacific Super push notifications

A digital card with key user & account details and push notifications. Organisations can use digital cards to put pertinent information in the hands of their customers.

Push notifications can be sent via the digital card, providing another avenue for communication and engagement.

miraqle for iPhone and iPad

miraqle app on mobile miraqle app on ipad

An investor roadshow app based on Link Group's investor relations platform miraqle, which is used by hundreds of listed-company clients worldwide.

The app enables executives to more efficiently track and manage their meetings with institutional shareholders and target potential investors, while on the road.

Mobile voting

Link Market Services - mobile voting

Mobile voting is a convenient way for shareholders to vote on Annual General Meetings (AGMs) while they are on the move.

This mobile version of Link's Investor Centre allows for company branding and is accessed by shareholders via a link or a QR code supplied within a company's AGM pack.

Self-service portals

Keep your customers connected by offering a simple and secure way for them to manage all aspects of their account online.

Our online self-service portals improve process efficiencies and enable your customers to transact in real-time, creating a positive user experience and increasing customer retention.


Pacific Super - MemeberAccess

Created for Link Group's superannuation fund clients, MemberAccess is a secure portal enabling fund members to manage all aspects of their superannuation account online. It includes pension accounts and the ability to conduct transactions in real time.

We have delivered over 80 branded desktop and 15 branded mobile MemberAccess sites that attract over 3 million visitors a year.


Pacific Super - EmployerAccess

Developed for Link Group's superannuation fund clients, EmployerAccess is a secure, self-service portal that enables employers to conveniently pay and manage staff super online.

We have delivered 33 branded EmployerAccess sites to date, with 2 million visitors and $2.8 billion contributions a year.

Investor Centre

Link Market Services - Investor Centre

A self-service portal for investors (shareholders) of Link Group's registry clients to access their holdings and account management tools online. Investors can create and manage investor portfolios, view holdings, update personal details and access proxy voting facilities with ease, across all of their holdings administered by Link Group.

Facilitating 14 million transactions a year, the Investor Centre is a cornerstone online solution for our clients.

Fund Manager

Pacific Management - Fund Manager

An online portal for fund managers, advisors and investors to securely access up-to-date information about their investment holdings in managed funds.

The user-friendly, web-based platform increases process efficiencies for fund managers and enhances an investor's experience.

Interactive statements

Pacific Super - Interactive Statements

Interactive statements provide a more visual and dynamic way of communicating key account information to shareholders, employees or superannuation fund members.

Developed in collaboration with our digital communications division, Link DigiCom, these mobile responsive reports allow for targeted call to actions and campaign messaging, to encourage greater customer engagement.

Digital on-boarding

Customer acquisition is friction free with our paperless on-boarding solutions. We develop seamless, online applications that can be integrated into core operating systems to facilitate straight through processing.

Our intuitive designs create quick and convenient ways for new customers to on-board with you online.

Member Join Online (MJOL)

Pacific Super - Member Join Online (MJOL)

Member Join Online (MJOL) is a paperless on-boarding solution for superannuation funds. The seamless, online application process increases both efficiency and member acquisition for the fund.

Integrated with the core administration platform, members are registered in real-time with immediate access to their online account and the ability to issue digital member cards on the spot.

Pension Join Online (PJOL)

Pacifc Super - Pension Join Online (PJOL)

Enabling superannuation fund members to easily transition to pension, our Pension Join Online (PJOL) solution uses online identity verification so that pension accounts can be established more efficiently.

PJOL eliminates the need for paper applications and can increase retention rates as members transition from accumulation to the pension phase.

Investor Join Online (IJOL)

Pacific Management - Investor Join Online (IJOL)

An industry first, Investor Join Online (IJOL) allows investors to open an investment account using a completely online, paperless application process, that meets Anti Money Laundering and Know Your Customer requirements.

The result is a more efficient processing of applications and friction-free on-boarding of new customers.

Employer Join Online (EJOL)

Pacific Super - Employer Join Online (EJOL)

Employer Join Online (EJOL) is our quick and easy, paperless application process for employers to register for a superannuation account online.

EJOL is integrated with the core operating system so employers are registered in real-time and gain instant access to make contribution payments and update their employer details via the EmployerAccess portal.


We build websites for institutions both large and small. Our vast experience working with listed entities enables us to deliver engaging and user-friendly websites, purpose-built for investor engagement.

Optimised for mobile devices, users will be able to more easily partake in corporate actions and access relevant information on the go.

Investor relations websites

Link Group - Investor Relations website

Link Digital Solutions builds best practice investor relations websites that can be seamlessly integrated with existing corporate websites.

We manage automated data feeds and subscriber email alerts that increase engagement with investors and potential investors, and have delivered sites for over 50 listed companies to date.

Investor transaction websites

Link Group - campaign website

We deliver AGM and transaction microsites for many large organisations. This includes websites built for capital raisings, shareholder votes, takeovers/mergers, and online surveys.

All Link Digital websites are hosted on our high availability infrastructure in our secure data centres and have full branding flexibility.

Online annual & half yearly reports

Link Group - annual report website

We develop and host online annual, half yearly and ad hoc reports that highlight key achievements and provide access to your financial results via a more engaging digital medium outside of traditional PDFs.

These interactive microsites are mobile responsive, have full branding flexibility and open up another channel for you to communicate with investors.

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